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Frequently Asked Questions


Masks are not required, but you are free to wear one if you desire.

On June 2, 2021 the Governor and Ohio Department of Health rescinded the remaining health orders and restrictions for massage therapy.

When you're ready to get a massage, give our front desk a call at (216) 521-8019 and they will obtain some general contact information. Along with that, they will ask for a form of payment to secure your appointment to get you scheduled.

If you are making an appointment for more than one person, please have their first and last name, their phone number (so we can remind them too - unless it's a surprise!), the kind of appointment they want. (relaxation, deep tissue, etc...)

If you're calling based on a referral from a health care center, treatment facility, family or friend, let them know at that time. You can also request an appointment here on our website.

We accept credit, debit, gift cards and gift certificates. You are not charged for your visit unless you wish to pay for your appointment ahead of time. You can pay with cash for your visit, but an alternate method of payment is required to hold and secure your appointment.

While it may be possible for a therapist to have an opening at that time, it is highly recommended that you call ahead and see what the availability is for the day.

Certain days and times are much more difficult to accommodate, but it's also possible that there is a cancellation or that we have an open time to get you scheduled. You can also be asked to be put on a cancellation list so that if there is an opening, you'll receive a call back to get you in.

Yes, you can! Click here!

Your hands-on time will be the length of time that you are scheduled for. For example, a 60 minute massage is 60 minutes of time with your therapist.

If you are going to be late for your massage, let the office know as soon as possible. We will do our best to give you as much time as possible for your service, but we cannot guarantee the full time if you're arrive late.

It's recommended that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to give you time to park, use the restroom or relax before your massage.

Yes. We have a room where the two people can enjoy their massage with other.

We understand that life happens and that you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We have scheduled your time especially for you, but if you need to cancel, please call to let us know before the closing time, the day before you're scheduled to come in.

For example, if you are scheduled to come in on Tuesday, you'd need to call us before we close on Monday. This gives us time to inform the therapist you won't be there the next day (and several of our therapists commute 30 min or more to work).

If you need to cancel your appointment that day, or on the same day it's made, there is a cancellation fee of $50.00. If we do not receive a call that you're cancelling your appointment, you will be charged the full price of the service or services if more than one were scheduled that day. If you used a gift card or gift certificate to reserve your appointment, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the available balance.

Light music is played throughout the office and general talking is discouraged. Quiet conversations regarding your treatment and therapy are permitted.

You have the right to ask questions of the massage therapist and receive professional responses regarding your massage. They may also check in with you on the pressure and comfort throughout your appointment. If you're uncomfortable at any time, tell your massage therapist.

Our massage tables are ADA compliant, and we can accommodate individuals with wheelchairs or those with special needs. Additionally, they have luxuries such as plush memory foam and discreet amenities such as built in breast and abdominal recesses to reduce the pressure on your spine and hips.

Your face will be embraced by the soft padding with flexible pads to reduce pressure on the sinuses and to eliminate pressure points on the head.

You will be given respect, courtesy, professionalism, confidentiality and dignity. You'll be asked to undress to your comfort level, and you'll be draped appropriately by a sheet and blanket and the only areas exposed will be the areas being massaged.

They will massage your body, working within their scope of practice, their expertise and in an ethical manner.

The areas typically massaged are the head, neck, shoulders, legs, back and hips. If there's a certain area you want avoided or addressed, speak with them about that. You and your therapist will discuss the best way to begin your massage, whether you're face (supine) or face down (prone).

You'll fill out a health intake form and they will have a conversation about your medical conditions and your expectations for the massage.

You have the right and option to ask questions and receive professional responses along with an explanation of the nature of the massage and techniques to be used before the start of the massage.

You also have the right to consent to the massage techniques and approaches, including the level of manual pressure used in the massage and the ability to request adjustments to pressure at any time during the massage

Wear clothes that are comfortable. Some people come from work or are going out for the evening after their massage. There are hooks in each room to hang up your belongings and keep things off the floor.

Massage therapists often use oil, lotion or cream during the massage and sometimes incorporate essential oils or tools as part of the treatment. If you're allergic to certain oils, lotions or creams tell your massage therapist beforehand.

You have the right to ask your therapist to use less or more pressure however it's important to note the type of massage that you're scheduled for.

If you wanted a relaxation massage, the pressure will generally be lighter in nature whereas a deep tissue will utilize techniques and pressure to affect the deeper muscles.

If you normally like a heavier pressure or deep tissue massage, make sure that you ask for a deep tissue/ therapeutic massage. We have a full description of the different kinds of massage under our services page.

At the conclusion of your session, your therapist may inform you about any suggestions or recommendations for your based on their findings. For most clients, it's recommended to drink a little extra water especially if it's a deep tissue or therapeutic massage. Other times, they may suggest an Epsom salt bath.

It's highly recommended that you reschedule your next appointment before you leave so that you can be sure to get that therapist again.

A small percentage of clients may experience some dizziness upon standing after their session, some soreness, light headaches, bruising or fatigue.

No one will attempt to sell you a membership for massage or get you to enroll in any kind of monthly billing scheme. We don't take advantage of your “massage brain” like that

If you want, you can leave the therapist a tip in cash or you can use a credit/ debit card or gift card. Some people have gift cards that already include a tip so you don't have to worry about it. Ask the front desk when you schedule your appointment to find out for you.

From the Ohio Medical Board:

Ohio sales tax law requires that a sales tax be collected for a massage. However, there is no duty to collect sales tax on a massage performed on the order of a physician (emphasis added). Please direct questions to the Ohio Department of Taxation. An MT may also consult a private attorney or the American Massage Therapy Association – Ohio Chapter for assistance. and

If a Dr suggests massage would be helpful for you, that counts. Whether it's for an injury, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, arthritis, headache, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, or any of the nearly 70,000 conditions in the ICD-10 codes.

You can ask your physician to write a letter or prescription for medical necessity for massage to be exempt from sales tax.

Additionally, we can contact your physician, chiropractor or treatment facility on your behalf by having you fill out one of the forms in our office.

Having an order by a physician or chiropractor doesn't mean that your massage will be covered by insurance. However, in an encouraging sign, more HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) are recognizing that massage has many benefits especially with regard to pain management and are starting to cover this service.

Check with your HAS or FSA to find out how massage can be covered. In many cases, you are able to use your HAS or FSA to pay for the massage itself, but any tip/gratuity would need to be put on a separate card.

Finally, while not technically insurance, we offer massage for Personal Injury and BWC claims. Not all practitioners are able to provide work for BWC claims, only therapists that are preapproved by the BWC can do this.

You may use gift card/ gift certificates issued by us when paying for your appointment. These are not credit/debit cards and have no implied warranties. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use.

Cards are redeemable for purchases only. The unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed or refunded for cash, credit or check, except where required by law.

Gift cards/ gift certificates for services will retain their value for two years. After that time, any remaining value may be applied towards the cost of the massage service.

Gift cards/ gift certificates purchased for dollar amounts will retain their full value for 5 years, and after that time will be subject to a monthly dormancy fee of 5$.

Gift cards / gift certificates can also be applied towards a different service. For example, you have a gift card for an hour relaxation massage, but you want a 90 minute massage or deep tissue massage or instead. You would apply that gift card to the total and just pay the difference.

Whenever there is a snow fall of four (4) inches or more within a twenty-four (24) hour period, the emergency snow ban in Lakewood takes effect. This snow ban restriction on parking takes effect without requiring an announcement by the City of Lakewood.

In the event of a snowfall of four inches or more, we will make an announcement on our Facebook page and the office will be closed. We will contact appointments that are scheduled during the ban.

Since we are located at the corner of where the parking ban is in effect, we don't want to risk any of our customers or staff having their car towed.

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