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About Lakewood Massotherapy


Consistently high quality and ongoing client-therapist relationships that focus on developing an extensive knowledge of your therapeutic needs as an individual. These have been the cornerstones of our approach to massage therapy since we started.

Your comfort is our greatest concern. We offer warm blankets, a heated massage table, moist heat compresses, and a tranquil environment complemented by soothing music.

It is essential to discuss with your therapist any concerns you have about your treatment at any time during your massage. We do, however, discourage other talking during your treatment, so you can relax and focus on your experience.

Our convenient location just off I-90, over 20 therapists, and flexible hours--as well as the expertise and years of clinical experience of our massotherapists--ensure that you will both enjoy and benefit from your massage. Your well-being is too important to settle for the "fast food" approach to medical massage offered by franchise operations.

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